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I saw one cockroach, should I be worried?

The general rule is that seeing one roach could be a sign of probable infestation 

What Should I Do Now?

This is not to overreact, but it only takes a 'snap of the fingers' for other roaches to come in and join the fun.  They would enter through holes, windows, drains, sewers, pipes, cracks and gravitate to dark and damp locations in the home without you even noticing it. If roaches find that your home is a supportive environment for their scavenger nature, it only takes one roach scout to signal the others.


So yes, you could say that one roach is a sign of infestation, or if it is not yet on that level, seeing one is a call to action for early prevention. 


Of course, you also have to consider that sometimes, it is possible to just have one roach in your home. In these instances:


  • You may have spotted a loner roach, because it just got brought in when you used a miscellaneous box while shopping.

  • It could also be the last roach in a colony and he's on his way out.


These are just probable assumptions and since cockroaches are nocturnal and easily flatten themselves into different hiding places, spotting them may be difficult.  However, here are a few tips: 

What Does a Cockroach Infestation Look Like?

  • Look for cockroach feces – these may look similar to coffee grounds or even small cylinder droppings.

  • Seeing dead cockroaches – this is a more obvious sign, but can tell you if you have a major infestation in your home.

  • Look out for egg cases – these are common behind unmoved furniture, under sinks or other hidden, dark places.

Common hiding places for cockroaches include:

  • Cracks in walls

  • Confined spaces such as behind the refrigerator, in a pantry or underneath a stack of magazines, newspapers or cardboard boxes

  • Any furniture items that are generally left undisturbed

  • Kitchen cupboards

  • Below sinks

  • Drains and grease traps

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