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Residential Pricing Plans
Be Gone Pest Control Services®

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Are you paying too much for reliable pes
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Through engagement with homeowners around the island, we have recognised that due to the frequently high cost associated with Pest Control services, some homeowners, despite the risks, feel forced to weigh the pros & cons of having regular control done. 

In response, we have reimagined the industry's approach to servicing the residential market; offering an attractive monthly subscription type service along with a guarantee. Our new plans, where Monthly offers the Best Value, are entirely designed to make looking after a home's most valuable contents;

'its family', more affordable and accessible.

Pricing Plans: Welcome
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How Does This Work?

We’ll visit your property, conduct a FREE initial pest inspection and provide you a detailed report along with a cost for each of our three plans (above). Our general centipede & cockroach plans start from as low as $59 / month and are dependent on the size of your property.

Each plan is offered as an annual agreement.

Pricing Plans: Welcome

Why Should You Book An Inspection Now?

As we fully come into the dry season, a number of pest problems begin to present themselves, including Centipedes, Cockroaches, Ants & Ticks to name a few.

For many Barbadians the giant red centipede (Scolopendra angulate), is the worst of these, because Centipedes do not have the water retention cuticle, common to insects & arachnids, so they seek areas of moisture and shelter, often resulting in your home & surroundings being their destination.

Give us a call. We provide a wide range of Pest Control services and tailor solutions suited to your situation.

Pricing Plans: Welcome
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